Lisa Farun - Homeopathic Practioner

Patient Information

What Will Homeopathic Consultations Be Like?

The initial consultation will last from one to two hours and all information exchanged is strictly confidential. You will be asked to describe all of your health concerns and symptoms in detail. The Homeopath will also ask for a complete description of everything which characterizes you, including your feelings, sensations, sensitivities, patterns of sleep, appetite, energy, etc. A homeopathic consultation is extremely individualized so that the remedy chosen fits the illness as well as qualities of the entire patient.

The follow-up consultation will occur within two to four weeks of the initial visit and will last up to 30 minutes. At the follow-up consultation, the Homeopath will review the changes which have occurred since the homeopathic remedy was taken. The remedy selection, dosage and repetition will be evaluated to ensure that the patient is progressing in a curative direction.

Patient Intake Form

PDFClick here to download the Patient Intake Form.

Fee Shedule

Initial Consultation – Adults (up to 2 hours) $200
Initial Consultation – Children / Students / Seniors (up to 2 hours) $150
Initial Consultation – Acute consultation $100
Follow-up Appointments – Adults $70
Follow-up Appointments – Children / Students / Seniors $50
Acute Conditions (colds, ear infections, injuries, etc.) - current patients only $40
Home Visits (does not include parking fees) Add $25
Remedy Bottle $8
Missed / Cancelled Appointment - unless 24 hours notice given $50

Please note that fees do not include HST. HST # 825124126RT0001
Fees are due at the end of each consultation. Payment is acceptable by cash or cheque. NSF cheques will be subject to a $25 charge.

If, for any reason, you can’t afford these costs please let me know in advance so we may discuss a payment plan or discount.